Beth Kais, M.Ed., CSCS, DNS-ET, PRI-PRT, 

CHEK Level 2 and Certified Golf Biomechanic

Hesch Certified Sacroiliac Joint Practitioner

My Approach


It sounds simple.  We do it 22,000 times a day and yet it is our most challenged pattern.  Everything from injury to allergies, pelvis misalignment to organ pain easily alters our breathing.  When breath becomes disrupted the torso no longer properly pressurizes to maintain hip and pelvis alignment, spinal stability or shoulder stability.  These joint misalignments lead to discomfort, pain and injury throughout the entire body.

There are two main alterations that occur in pelvis position when the abdomen, or "core" is not properly pressurized.

Pelvis Position‚Äč Alteration - Left Hip Too Far Forward, Right Hip in Neutral or Backward

Pelvis Position Alteration - Both Hips Tilted Too Far Forward

Correcting Imbalances

When breathing no longer maintains alignment muscles that have a leverage advantage become over active and tighten overpowering the muscles that do not have a leverage advantage.  These leverage advantage muscles move bones. altering spine and joint positions.  Correcting these imbalances requires restoring proper airway and breathing and activating specific muscles in the body so the body can realign itself.  Maintaining this alignment requires focusing on the breath and specific muscle activation during sports performance, training and activities of daily living.